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Head Trainer of Elite,

   Dana Carroccia is a New York native with a lifetime of experience! Dana started her career working alongside her grandmother at their farm Brittania Acres Show horses, Dana helped build Brittania Acres in to a very competitive Morgan and Quarter Horse show facility on the east coast.  In 2014 Dana decided to move her training operation to the great state of Texas and so Elite Performance Horses was born!   Our dream really came full circle when we reacquired my grandmothers original training facility Brittania Acres and made it Elite East.  Elite now spans across the country competing in various national shows all over the country.     


    While producing countless regional and nationally ranked champion show horses Dana has also proved her talents for combining horse and rider by also having an extensive resume for regional and national rankings among her JR. Exhibitors and Amateur status clientele. Dana's rare and unique combination of integrity, versatility, and style truly sets her apart from other horse and equestrian trainers. Dana's gift of patience gives her an extra edge for bringing the best out of her horses along with their riders. 

Dana M Carroccia
​Head Trainer

Our Rescue Efforts

At Elite our goal is to always give back as much as we can so every Christmas while most facilities are doing secret Santa’s and gift giving at Elite we do somethings a little different.  At our Christmas party we ask for our barn family to donate to a horse in need... this may be an auction horse, an abused horse or a BLM Mustang regardless the equines we choose are always in dire need an we are just so grateful we are able to provide them with a permanent home on our ranch to give them all the recovery, therapy, and training they need to live a full and happy life at Elite!

Our Student Of The Month
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